The Luigi Serafini Article is Here…

UPDATE: Okay, so the article is finally done. I posted it on a new page so it doesn’t get lost in the crushing flow of my rambling. I managed to drum up a (as in 1) hit for it by adding a link to the Codex’s Wikipedia page. I think it deserves to be linked there as much as anything else on that page, although I imagine it will get deleted fairly soon…

Jeez, the way I’ve been hyping this up, you’d think I actually had something worth your time! Alas, I don’t. But, what I do have is 9500 words of pure pontification and waxy eloquence about my favorite artist and his books. Self-deprecation aside, I am proud of this, and I have been working on it for the past two weeks, rather than writing other blog entries that might actually bring some traffic to this site (5 views in the last 4 days = so popular I could cry).

The article is written, I just need to upload it to WordPress and work in all the pictures. Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I’m pretty sure that it contains a) the most detailed publishing history of Serafini’s Codex Seraphinianus currently available in English, and b) the only in-depth analysis of Serafini’s Pulcinellopedia (Piccola) currently available in English. So, hopefully it’s worth your time and your while… it will be unveiled sometime this weekend, and next week, I’ll get to work on the backlog of other entries that I put off while working on this monster.


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