Codex Seraphinianus Kindle Edition (?)

As of April 5th, there is a Kindle edition of the Codex Seraphinianus

I bought it on my Kindle Fire (I don’t imagine it would work very well on any other Kindle platforms), since I thought it would be neat to be able to look at it on the commute to work (since I don’t generally lug the Codex around with me day-to-day, despite what my level of obsessiveness on this blog might suggest). Quality-wise, it’s not great – it’s a spotty scan of the book, not a digital file conversion, and you do lose the pagination at the bottom, although this is a fairly minor issue, I guess.

Stranger still is that the Kindle edition is a scan of the Abbeville edition that looks suspiciously like the PDF/torrent files that have been floating around for a few years. You’d think the current publisher (Rizzoli) would want to get in on it, and nowhere on the page for the digital version does it mention a publisher or rights-holder. To me, it looks like Amazon enabling someone to sell the ripped-off version of the Codex through the Kindle store, which seems to fit the Kindle store’s Wild West reputation. It’s still worth the $9 to me to have it on my reader, but were I more technologically inclined, I probably could have found the PDF somewhere and uploaded it to my Kindle for free. Oh well.

This has been your latest installment of Codex Seraphinianus news. You may now continue to go on with your life.

1 Response to “Codex Seraphinianus Kindle Edition (?)”

  1. 1 bloggbigg February 7, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Just so you know, the torrent edition is both missing about 15 pages and has the odd numbering on the bottom cropped. I doubt the ebook version has added these.

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