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Let the Hate Mail Fly

I meant to do this months and months ago, but I never got around to it, and then I forgot about it altogether.  But, I thought it would serve me for posterity’s sake to document the hilarious correspondance between me and my blog’s biggest fan: Shannon.  Shannon found my post about Tintin (check it here) by who-knows-what means, and he was so incensed by what he read there that he was motivated to leave this amazingly insightful and simply devastating comment:

Hey Mate,

You could blab on about the errors of Tintin all your life, but nothing is this article is even remotely important. For one, the reason tintin does not find sex is because it is simply not important. Tintin comics are about adventure, and thats exactly what they offer. I think you should really stop wasting your time with such rediculous articles. Please stop publishing this bullshit. You are a fucking weirdo! Why would you talk about tintin possibly being homosexual? IT DOES NOT MATTER!!! If it was important herge would have highlighted it, but he didnt, so ITS NOT..

Realizing I had clearly met my intellectual better, I aimed for a peaceful resolution to the disagreement by sending Shannon the following email:

Dear Shunun,
Thank you for your recent comment posting on the ChancePress blog.  Unfortunately, due to the large amount of hate mail I receive here at ChancePress Global Headquarters, I cannot reply to each insane, profanity-laden diatribe individually.  However, I do want you to know that I appreciate you taking the time to post a bizarrely angry rant on the ChancePress blog, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Your friend,

Unfortunately, Shannon (or Shunun, as he called himself in the comment) was not to be satisfied by a mere form letter, responding curtly:

dude, fuck off, i dont even know you!

Having thusly disposed of my initial overture, I responded with the following, never to hear from Shannon further:

Of course you do.  I’m the “fucking weirdo” who you asked to “please stop publishing this bullshit” on my blog entry about Tintin.  You can’t insult and swear at someone on their blog and then expect never to hear from them again.  It’s just bad form.

Your friend,

So, what is the point of this, 17 months later?  Well, I was going through my blog comments, and I realized that I had meant to make a bigger deal out of my first ever hate mail (and really, my only hate mail, although I count being publicly “humiliated” on a tattoo enthusiast forum to be an oblique form of hate mail, or at least hatred).  It seems kind of petty and silly now, but I guess that in the wake of the “boring shit” scandal on, it should mean that my blog can’t be all that boring if it is capable of inspiring at least one person to Shannon’s level of anger.

Next round is on me.

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